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GTS represents two wastewater treatment technology manufacturers: MicroSepTec and Bio-Microbics. MicroSepTec makes the EnviroServer ES Series wastewater treatment systems, a hybrid aerobic treatment system used primarily in the residential new/remodel market that is capable of treating to the highest effluent quality standards. Bio-Microbics serves the wastewater, stormwater, and water reuse markets in residential, small community, commercial, and marine vessels applications. They manufacture the FAST product line as well as a membrane reactor technology, called the BioBarrier, which is capable of meeting the strictest effluent quality standards. GTS is also your source for Salcor UV disinfection systems, Geoflow drip dispersal equipment, Tuf-Tite septic components and SJE Rhombus controls equipment.

Green Technologies Solutions – GTS - By Application

Green Technologies Solutions – GTS - By Application

Residential (17)

GTS has several treatment options for any residential application: from single family homes to apartment/condominiums to large communities

Commercial (23)

Working on a strip mall? A restaurant? Mobile home park? Hotel resort? Business park? A combination of any of these? Do you need to treat Stormwater?

Community (18)

GTS has also offers products for treating higher flow projects like subdivisions and large communities of over 100,000 GPD

Remedial (9)

If you have an existing septic system and a failed field, GTS has solutions to help. Ask us about BioMicrobics' S.O.S. program.

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About Us

The company was formed in 2003 as an independent distributor of the MicroSepTec product line and other related products. Over the next 10 years, we grew with our specifiers, installers and service providers in California, Arizona and Nevada. Recognizing that we were only serving a portion of our customers’ needs, the company rebranded as GTS in 2013 and expanded to provide an even broader range of systems and components to the water treatment industry read more ...

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