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BioBarrier HSMBR

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BioBarrier High Strength Membrane Bioreactor 

Bio-Microbics introduces a new generation of wastewater treatment solutions, the BioBarrier® HSMBR® (High Strength Membrane Bioreactor), to help meet the increasingly stringent needs of specialized applications. The membranes and processes used in this advanced system act as an impenetrable physical barrier for nearly all common pollutants found in wastewater today. The advanced technology offers the highest quality effluent possible on the market.  The BioBarrier MBR was the first system to be approved for water reuse (NSF/ANSI Std 350, class R) by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) International.


Why BioBarrier HSMBR?

Designed specifically for high strength commercial water reuse applications, the BioBarrier HSMBR provides the highest quality effluent when needed most. Multiple BioBarrier module sizes provide flexible, innovative recycling and reuse options to reach the next level of sustainable development. BioBarrier is also designed specifically for the unique needs and characteristics of the onsite and decentralized wastewater industry making it the most advanced system on the market.


  • •    Extremely consistent, high effluent quality
  • •    BOD less than 5 mg/L
  • •    TSS less than 2 mg/L
  • •    Turbidity less than 0.2 NTU
  • •    Fecal coliform less than 200 CFU/100 mL (without disinfection)
  • •    Nutrient removal capability
•  Smaller footprint
  • Simple operation
  • Consistent effluent quality despite influent wastewater characteristics
  • Low sludge production
  • Energy efficient


    Recycle, Reuse…Right Now

    The BioBarrier HSMBR helps to meet the increasingly stringent needs of these specialized applications.  BioBarrier’s low-foul, durable, flat-sheet membranes utilize micro-sized pores for physical separation of solids from the wastewater. The system’s unique operation sequence requires no complicated backwash functionality and is completely automated using an advanced control strategy. The pre-engineered, modular MBR ships installation-ready and fits easily into both new and existing tank configurations. BioBarrier’s high-quality effluent provides new opportunities for wastewater recycling techniques that will have dramatic, positive effects on water resources around the globe.


    BioBarrier HSMBR Available Sizes

    Model Hydraulic Capacity
    BioBarrier HSMBR 1.5 1,500 GPD
    BioBarrier HSMBR 3.0 3,000 GPD
    BioBarrier HSMBR 4.5 4,500 GPD
    BioBarrier HSMBR 6.0 6,000 GPD
    BioBarrier HSMBR 9.0 9,000 GPD


    Ideal for

    • •    Residential Multi-Family Building/Clustered
    • •    Municipal Pre-treatment/Distributed systems
    • •    Commercial Building(s)/Properties

    Product Certifications

    USA and International Product Certifications

    The list below is a summary of a few certifications received for the products of Bio-Microbics:

    • RetroFAST .250 & .375 – US EPA – ETV (US Environmental Protection Agency – Environmental Technology Verification) -

      Develops testing procedures and validates the performance of technology that may improve the protection of the environment, including water and wastewater. ETV accelerates the introduction of environmental technologies in the market, as well as monitoring and treatment technology for homeland security.

    • All Control Panels – CSA (Canadian Standards Association) Electrical Certification 

      International and the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI), the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), Health Canada, provincial regulators, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to promote standards for consumer safety in North America and around the world. Tested to standards for safety and/or performance.

    • All Control Panels – CE – European Electrical Systems (including a “Tropical Certification Rating”)  When products have been shown to meet the essential requirements of the directive or EN standard the product is available for sale anywhere in the European market.
    • All Control Panels – ETL and RoHS Compliant – Intertek Testing ServicesEvaluated and meets the standard equivalent to the requirements set by Intertek and equivalent to UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories).
    • All FAST – Poland - Aprobata Techniczna (Technology Approval) ze Instytut Ochrony Srodowiska (Institute of Environmental Protection)
    • All FAST – Russia - (Federal Service of Environmental Protection) Technology Approval
    • All Control Panels – SASO (Saudi Arabian Standards Organization) Electrical Standards

      The Saudi Arabian Standards Organization approves national standards and measurements for all commodities and products, methods of sampling, inspection and testing, in addition to other assignments resolved by SASO Board of Directors in the Kingdom.

    • All FAST – U.K. – United Kingdom Department of Trade

    Independent Third-Party Testing

    Verification programs/locations in which Bio-Microbics installed a Wastewater Treatment System for analysis of performance:

    • Massachusetts Title 5 General Use – The first system described as an “Innovative and Alternative (I/A) System” to received the General Use Approval rating for Nitrogen Reduction
    • Florida OWNRS (Onsite Wastewater Nitrogen Reduction Study) Phases I and II
    • New Mexico State/New Mexico University
    • University of Rhode Island
    • Buzzards Bay, MA
    • Ventura County, CA
    • US EPA Environmental Technology Verification Program (ETV), B.C., Canada
    • La Pine, OR
    • Burnette, WA
    • NSF International testing and evaluation for Standard 40, 245, and 350

    Recent Business and Technology Awards

    • 2012 President’s “E” Award for Excellence in Exports
    • 2011 Kansas Governor Exporter of the Year
    • 2011 Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award (Decentralized Commercial Outlets)
    • 2011 New Product of the Year (Recycling) – BioBarrier MBR System – Environmental Protection Magazine (EPOnline)
    • 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award (Water/Wastewater) – Frost & Sullivan
    • 2009 Exporter of the Year Award, Environmental – ThinkGlobal / Commercial News USA (Official publication of the US Dept. of Commerce)
    • 2009 Technology Merit Business Achievement Award,  Water/Wastewater – Environmental Business Journal (EBJ)

    Technical Downloads

    BioBarrier HSMBR Product Brochure

    BioBarrier Product Brochure 

    BioBarrier HSMBR Manuals

    BioBarrier Installation  Manual 

    BioBarrier HSMBR Drawings & Specifications

    Model Hydraulic Capacity PDF DXF
    BioBarrier HSMBR 1.5 1,500 GPD Std De-Nit Std De-Nit
    BioBarrier HSMBR 3.0 3,000 GPD Std De-Nit Std De-Nit
    BioBarrier HSMBR 4.5 4,500 GPD Std De-Nit Std De-Nit
    BioBarrier HSMBR 6.0 6,000 GPD Std De-Nit Std De-Nit
    BioBarrier HSMBR 9.0 9,000 GPD Std De-Nit Std De-Nit

    PLEASE NOTE: In order to open the zipped CAD version, you must have zip compression software, such as WinZip or QuickZip. In order to view the CAD (.dxf) file, you must have installed CAD viewing software, Release 12 or newer. The PDF format can be viewed by installing Adobe Acrobat Reader (4.0 or newer). Click on the images to the right to download either Adobe FREE Acrobat Reader or QuickZip.


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