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Represented Manufacturer's Websites:

MicroSepTec Biomicrobics
Geoflow Tuf-tite
SJE Rhombus Salcor Inc


Regulatory Links:

US EPA L.A. County Public Health Dept.: Land Use Program 
AZ Dep. of Environmental Quality - Water Quality Division L.A. County LAMP
NV Division of Environmental Protection
Bureau of Water Pollution Control
L.A. County OWTS - Requirements and Procedures
Southern Nevada Health District CA Registrar of Contractors


California Water Boards:

California SWQCB North Coast RWQCB (1)
San Francisco Bay RWQCB (2) Central Coast RWQCB (3)
Los Angeles RWQCB (4) Central Valley RWQCB (5)
Lahontan RWQCB (6) Colorado River RWQCB (7)
Santa Ana RWQCB (8) San Diego RWQCB (9)


Industry & Academic Associations:

CA Onsite Water Association (COWA) CA Environmental Health Association (CEHA)
CA Conference of Directors of Environmental Health (CCDEH) CA Groundwater Association
AZ County Directors Environmental Health Services Association (ACDEHSA) AZ Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (AzOWRA)
Consortium of Institutes for Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (CIDWT) National Association of Wastewater Transporters (NAWT)
National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association (NOWRA) Water Environment Federation (WEF)


GTS Graywater Discussion:

GTS Graywater Discussion Graywater-Blackwater Modeling Tool (from GW Discussion)

Support Studies

The Classic Swedish Study - Tullander, Ahl and Olsen. 1967 Chemical and Microbial Characterization of Household Graywater - Casanova, Gerba Karpiscak
Greywater System and Use - Gerba Greywater Treatment on Household Level in Developing Contries - Imhoff et al 2005
Technical Memorandum on Graywater - Crook University curriculum development for decentralized wastewater management - Seabloom, Bounds, Loudon. UoW 2004
Tier Two and Three Greywater Subsurface Irrigation Systems - Washington State department of Health. 2011 Greywater Reuse in Washington state - Washington State DoH, Lynn Schneider 2009
Septic Tank Effluent Values - Washington State DoH, John Eliasson 2004 Long Term effects of Landscape Irrigation Using Household Greywater - Roesner, Qian, Criswell, Stromberger, Klein. CSU 2006

Related Studies and Reports

Climate Variability and Residential Water Use in the City of Phoenix, AZ - Balling, Gober. ASU 2006 Soil Oxygen Delivery to Wastewater Infiltration Surfaces - Erickson, Tyler. OUW 2000
Reuse of Domestic Greywater for the Irrigation of Food Crops - Finley. McGill Univ. 2008 Protecting Critical Water Resources in Dunes City, OR. Standards for Septic Systems and their Effluent - Background information document and Draft Ordinance, Dunes City, OR 2006
Characteristics of Rural Household Wastewater - Siegrist, Witt, Boyle. UoW-Madison 1976 Design and Performance of Septic Tanks - T.R. Bounds. ASTM 1997
Wastewater Subsurface Drip Distribution - McEntyre TVA 2004 On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal Systems - Evaluation for Nutrient Removal - Chang, Wanielista, Daranpob, Hossain, Xuan, Miao, Liu, Marimon, Debusk. FDEP 2011
Wastewater Quality/Strength/Content - Benefield, DOH 2001

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