Our Passion

We are energized by helping people solve problems, and we apply that drive to the wastewater industry. There are many challenges in our business and we want to be an industry-wide resource center to help people connect problems with solutions. We believe in service, persistence and accountability, and we combine these principles with know-how to help you solve your problem.

Operating Principles

Green Technologies Solutions – GTS – is a premier wholesale distributor of water treatment systems and related products. We work closely with specifiers, installers and service providers to ensure that the appropriate products are being used to deliver the necessary performance for the circumstances. Our core values are honesty, integrity, commitment and follow-through. Because of these values, our customers receive a level of support that is second-to-none. We have developed a hard-earned reputation for product support due to continuous onsite training, on-call technical support, and in-field trouble-shooting long after projects have been completed. Our commitment doesn’t end with the sale.

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Whatever you need, we want to be a resource to you. We make money selling products, but even more than that, we want to help you solve your problems. If we don’t have answers to your questions, we’ll find them or put you together with someone who has the answers. If you need a product and we can’t get it, we’ll put you in touch with someone who can. Need training? We’ll help or find someone else who can. Need a designer? an installer? a maintenance provider? We’ll help you identify one. Technical information? Ask away. We connect problems with solutions. Whatever you need, we WANT TO HELP!

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Available Products


Residential Products

GTS has several treatment options for any residential application: from single family homes to apartment/condominiums to large communities.


Commercial Products

Working on a strip mall? A restaurant? Mobile home park? Hotel resort? Business park? A combination of any of these? Do you need to treat Stormwater?


Community Products

GTS has also offers products for treating higher flow projects like subdivisions and large communities of over 100,000 GPD. Find out more.


Remedial Products

If you have an existing septic system and a failed field, GTS has solutions to help. Ask us about BioMicrobics’ S.O.S. program.

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