— reasons to work with us —


Whatever you need, we want to be a resource for you.  Sure, we make money selling products, but that’s really a by-product of helping you solve your problems. If we don’t have answers to your questions, we will find them or connect you with someone who does. If you need a product and we can’t get it, we will put you in touch with someone who can. Need training? We will help or find someone else more qualified. Need a designer? An installer? A maintenance provider?  We will help you identify one. Technical information? Ask away. We connect problems with solutions. Whatever you need, we WANT TO HELP!

Training (installation & service)

We recognize that any system’s ability to perform is dependent on design, installation and maintenance, and as the supplier, it’s our responsibility to make sure the systems we supply perform. GTS staff regularly conducts in-field training with qualified installers and service providers to familiarize the technicians with all appropriate aspects of the system provided. The training occurs on an actual system, and the work is completed side-by-side. We do it this way for several reasons: 1) we believe the people being trained are hands-on type individuals, 2) we believe hands-on people will retain information better when trained in-field, as opposed to in-classroom, 3) we believe getting dirty together builds relationships that last. In addition to the initial training sessions, we perform on-going in-field training and typically try to perform an installation and/or maintenance inspection with each provider once a year to ensure the products we sell work well long-term.

On-call technical support

Murphy’s Law tells us that anything that can go wrong, will. Experience tells us this is true, and that it will happen at the worse times. GTS staff are always available to answer technical and field questions by phone. Whether it is a controls issue, system performance, installation questions or anything else that may arise, our staff makes it a priority to be available and to find an answer or solution as soon as humanly possible.

In-field trouble-shooting

We often find that on-call support isn’t always enough to solve problems, so we are also committed to providing in-field trouble-shooting as soon as scheduling allows. It’s one of the most fun and challenging aspects of our job. If you can’t find a fix, we’re here to help.