How it Works

The d-Rain Joint™ device is a truly remarkable and revolutionary alternative to pervious paving that addresses surface stormwater runoff; perfect for public, commercial and private driveways, around swimming pools, patios, walkways, parking lots.

These embedded devices instantly beneath the impervious, “hardscape” surface(s) at up to 5 gpm per linear foot of rainfall and drain quickly and safely into an underlying engineered drainage bed of gravel. Using low-cost, harder substrate, the solution to provide a permeable, pavement system (PPS) can be used wherever stormwater management requirements are needed for a driveway, parking lot, garage, large patio, community common areas and streets, pool areas, sports architecture, shopping or theme park developments, alleyways or public walkways.

Finding the Right Size

How it Installs

Easy to install like a standard expansion joint and virtually undetectable between concrete slabs, the new d-Rain Jo

int™ PPIC (flexible plastic) channel-inserted filter captures sediment to ensure it’s continued effectiveness of the system at a maximum rate of 5 GPM/linear foot.

It is recommended to check what local regulations are required in case additional information is needed.

d-Rain Joint™ Available Sizing

Available in 8′ [2.4 meters] long with less than 1” [25 mm] wide opening and 4″ [10 cm] height:

• d-Rain Joint™ PPIC (Gray Plastic) Filtration Device

d-Rain Joint™ Product Brochures

d-Rain Joint™ Brochure

d-Rain Joint™ Manuals & Test Data

d-Rain Joint™ Installation & Service Manual (under review; email: for assistance)

d-Rain Joint™ Validation Testing Report, K-State University, Advanced Manufacturing Institute

d-Rain Joint™ Drawing and Specifications

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