Unlike many conventional cleaning products (anti-bacterical chemicals), Mighty Mike All-Purpose Cleaner gently lifts dirt, oil, grime on surfaces with out harmful chemicals or leaving residues.

Effectively cleans and degreases inside and out, Mighty Mike All-Purpose Cleaner FASTitiously cleans everything in your home, office, or boat without damaging surfaces and safe for properties with biological wastewater (septic) treatment systems.

Approved by the FDA for commercial and residential use, Mighty Mike All-Purpose Cleaner is biodegradable does not pose any health risks for others or the environment.

Mighty Mike All-Purpose Cleaner Product Brochure
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All-Purpose Cleaner Material Safety Data
Ingredients, Material Safety Information, etc.

The Mighty Mike All-Purpose Cleaner is a very efficient cleaner and a little will go a long way. Excellent for situations in which both effective cleaning and safety are of paramount importance, this industry-proven product is now available to the consumer:

  • 97% biodegradable. Rated safe for use around lakes, waterways, and oceans. (Japan Food Research Labs)
  • Targets the stains, not the surface. (SGS Testing Labs)
  • Rinses away completely (Clemson University School of Textiles)
  • No gloves or masks required
  • Safe for your skin