Ideal for front-loader and/or High-Efficiency (HE) compatible washers, the Mighty Mike® Laundry Detergent is safe and effective for all fabrics including: cloth items for baby, silks, wools, linens, cotton, and high-tech microfiber athletic wear and waterproof materials. Perfect for those who have sensitive skin, will not fade your colors, non-toxic and completely biodegradable.

Mighty Mike Laundry Detergent Brochure
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Laundry Detergent Material Safety Data
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Why is Mighty Mike Liquid Laundry Detergent perfect for my HE washing machine?

The Mighty Mike laundry detergent, originally developed for use in textile quality control labs, is formulated to work specifically with fabrics, safely and effectively:

  • Low Sudsing, Liquid Detergent – A proper detergent for an HE machine doesn’t make a lot of foam.
  • Quick Dispersing/Dissolving – Totally soluble, easier rinsing to diffuse and dissolve quickly in a much smaller amount of water.
  • Concentrated Formula – With a lower amount of water, this liquid formula will aid in penetrating the fabric to effectively loosen dirt and bacteria.

Directions for Use

Using only 1/8th cup (~1 oz. or 30 ml.) per load (available in 1 Gallon [3.8 Liters] bottle for 128 loads of laundry), the Mighty Mike® Laundry Detergent is a clear, scent-free liquid that cleans thoroughly, rinses completely, and leaves no residue. Manufactured under a quality-controlled environment keeping the health of others in mind, it contains no lye, phosphates, bleach, dyes, brighteners, fillers or perfumes.

  • Biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic
  • Heavy-Duty
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Environmentally-Friendly